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Why NV

NV [Nicklaus Vance] Realty Group was founded in 2003 under the leadership of Michael Nicklaus, the youngest son of golf icon Jack Nicklaus and his brother-in-law, Todd Vance. Formerly known as Golden Bear Realty, the company opened its doors with only four agents. Since then, the company continues to experience tremendous growth and now operates with more than 180 agents across Florida and South Carolina.

As a Nicklaus family-owned company, the high standards and values that Jack and Barbara imprinted on Michael are the same pillars on which NV Realty Group was founded: charity, commitment, hard work, integrity and excellence.

Considering the collection of highly skilled real estate agents, friendly administrative staff, savvy technological advancements, superior marketing support, sincere leadership and familial qualities, NV Realty Group is different from other real estate companies that it cares more about the success of its clients and the respect of the community than it does corporate profits.

“We owe our humble beginnings to my parents and their commitment to family, value and integrity. Truly, their values set the foundation for our company, and Todd and I aim to continue that legacy through NV Realty Group. As we expand into new markets and opportunities, we promise to provide the best possible representations, one that befits my parent’s expectations of excellence and integrity” Mike Nicklaus