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Why Golden Bear

Just like the man for whom the icon is attached, the Golden Bear is associated with excellence, integrity and stands for the highest measure of quality. Whether the brand is attached to apparel, golf clubs or golf course designs, the consumer knows that the Golden Bear Represents the best. It is only right that a family man who has created a legacy in tournament golf and a legacy in golf course design with 289 creations around the world, lend his brand to an independent real estate firm founded and led by his son, Michael Nicklaus.

Golf and real estate have been, at times, synonymous and interchangeable and the individuals who make up Golden Bear Realty bring years of experience in both arenas. Yet their knowledge and experience carries over into other real estate markets, catering to the needs of all buyers and sellers. The only constant is what Golden Bear represents and the philosophy that drives Golden Bear Realty: Excellence and Integrity.

The Nicklaus family, leaders in the real estate industry, recognized years ago that print advertising to showcase and sell real estate is a thing of the past. with over 93% of home buyers and sellers starting their search for real estate on the Internet, it is evident the game of real estate is played online.

“We have put the resources in place to be able to provide what experts say is one of the finest real estate websites in the country. We have improved our search rankings and are now enjoying more buyer leads.” says President Mike Nicklaus.

With eight dedicated IDX websites and over 200 additional websites, it’s easy to see why Google loves Golden Bear Realty. Our cutting edge websites offer a one of a kind user experience offering buyers and sellers the tools they need to easily search Palm Beach and Martin County real estate.

Our sites have been fully optimized and designed to rank for the most highly searched keywords relevant to our area resulting in numerous rankings on page one of Google.com [United States], Google.ca [Canada] and Google.uk [United Kingdom] providing a strong global presence.

In addition to our 200+ websites, your property will be distributed to more than 900 affiliate websites.