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Palm Beach County Single Family Homes

John Holland | January 19, 2016

Exemplary single family homes can be found all around Palm Beach County. Buyers can choose from golf course views, waterfront properties, or homes with spacious yards perfect for kids. One inland Palm Beach neighborhood is Boulevard Estates. These homes have some of the most unique yards in Palm Beach. The lawns are landscaped to perfection with tropical plants and even fruit trees. Many homes include backyard pools and patio areas. These homes range in style from ranch style houses to bungalows. The large land lots allow these home to come equipped with a multi car garage – a must to protect your car from the salty ocean air.

Egret Landing is a family friendly neighborhood that is made up of large, single family homes. The neighborhood includes amenities such as tennis courts, a basketball court, and a community pool. The spacious Clubhouse is a great place to hold meetings and social events. The schools in Palm Beach Country are excellent. Residents can choose from outstanding public schools or several private or religious schools. Every child is different, so having a variety of options for your child’s schooling is a huge plus. Palm Beach County homes are also located near a number of parks and golf courses, perfect for anyone looking to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.

Single Family Homes in Palm Beach County

Single family homes are arguably the most popular type of real estate. Everyone wants to experience the American dream of homeownership, and they probably have a pretty specific mental image of exactly what that home looks like. While some buyers are looking for a luxury property fit for a movie star, most families are searching for a more modest property that they can call their own. After years of renting or sharing walls with your neighbors, any stand alone property can seem like a mansion. This, in addition to having a yard that is completely yours, is the main reason people trend towards single family real estate.

The single family homes in this area range from cute, 3 bedroom properties to 9 bedroom luxury mansions. The wide variety of single family homes available for purchase in Palm Beach County ensure that there is something here for everyone. Whether your family values yard space, excellent schools, or nearby outdoor recreation areas, Palm Beach County has it all. The homes in this area all have beautiful surroundings, ranging from golf courses and nature preserves to beaches and marinas. Whatever property you end up selecting, the view from your Palm Beach home is sure to be unbeatable.

Palm Beach County Single Family Homes for Sale

If you are interested in narrowing down your options, use the search box below to find properties that meet your family’s specifications. Once you have found some properties that you are interested in visiting, call or email our team at the Holland Group. We would be happy to set up an appointment so that you can see for yourself some of the great single family homes available in Palm Beach County.

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