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Six Reasons to Hire a Realtor® When Selling Your Palm Beach County Home

John Holland | October 19, 2015

Selling your home is huge financial decision, and when making a momentous decision, why not consult a professional? A Realtor® can offer professional advice that can help you get the best possible price for your home. Selling a home often comes with headache, and an experience Realtor® can easily smooth out the minor issues that happen along the way. Keep reading to learn some of the ways a Realtor® can help you sell your home!

1. You do not know everything about selling a home, so why not hire someone who does? Selling a home entails paperwork and disclosures. While it is true you could handle this on your own, a Realtor® will save you days or even weeks of research on the subject.

2. Your Realtor® will help you schedule the necessary inspections and appraisals. They have worked with many inspectors and can help point you in the direction of a good one. They can also let you know what exactly it is that you need to have done before you can sell.

3. A good Realtor® will also have information on the current market trends. These experienced real estate professionals will be able to give you advice on home prices in the area when it comes time to set your asking price. You will want to make sure you list your house at a fair price – too high and you will not get any offer. Too low and you will not get the money you deserve from the sale of your home.
4. Your Realtor® will have access to databases and home listings that can not be found online. Their enhanced searches can help buyers quickly find properties that they might be interested in seeing. Having your home listed by a Realtor® can dramatically increase the number of showings your home will get when it goes on the market. Your Realtor® will also make sure that you only meet with serious buyers who will not waste your time, handling all the calls that you will inevitably get when your house is listed.

5. Once you receive an offer (or several offers!) you will need to decide which one to accept. A good Realtor® will be able to help you decide the terms of your counter offer and can seamlessly include things such as your preferred timeline and financing details, including closing costs. If you are lucky enough that your home ends up being a popular property, an intense bidding war could begin. Having an experienced Realtor® by your side can make this whole process as smooth and stress free as possible.

6. The average Realtor® relies on referrals to stay in business. Because of this, it is important to your Realtor® that you are happy with the entire selling process. They will strive to meet your standards and sell your house quickly, because this will help them stay in business and keep a steady stream of clients.


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